#PlasticFreeJuly 2020 – All about Community Support ?

As time goes by, I realize – more and more – the importance of Community Support. It’s hard to completely change our lifestyle or ‘the way things are done’ [if we’re talking about systemic changes] when we feel alone… it becomes easier [not always easy, but easier] if we know others on the same path.

‘Convenience is part of what got us here.’

” The thing is, this is not about convenience anymore. Convenience is part of what got us here. […]
Yes, refusing plastic, driving less, or writing to your political decision makers is not convenient – but killing our environment is not very convenient neither.
I trust that, if it’s not by love of the beautiful world we live in, we’re at least left with enough survival instinct to act. ”

On ‘everyday abundance’

”When I imagine what I want my life to look like, it smells of home-grown sage drying from the ceiling . It tastes of pasta cooked with local tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden served in a bowl of pottery made by a friend. […]
How amazing it is to realize that often we already find bits and pieces of this life in our present day and that at the end it’s truly simple things and feelings that we’re looking for? To belong, to be present, to be happy… ”