[Archives] Meditation as a revolutionary act


[All ‘Archives’ posts are posts I wrote long ago, posted all around the web, and that I decided to group here as keepsakes ]


You know how it goes, people will tell you that starting meditation changed their life; and here you are, thinking how the heck sitting silently for a few minutes could change someone’s life…
Well, I’ll tell you something : meditation changed my life; and I believe it to be a revolutionary tool -not only for our-self, but also for the world.

-First I would like to say that I believe that meditation can be many different things for many different people, from indeed sitting silently crossed-legs, to dancing, walking, being mindfully present in everyday activities, ┬ájournaling, gardening, painting, and so much more… Now I know that in many traditions meditation will be something else, and might even be more structured, but for today I’ll like to talk of ‘meditation’ in this broad sense.-

What I believe meditation to have in common in all the different practices each individual will feel guided to explore ? You meet yourself. You get to know yourself.
And this is powerful.

Most of us live such a fast-paced life that slowing down is revolutionary.
When you slow down, you give yourself permission and space to be present with yourself.

Often we’ll be able to see some situations under a new light, a new perspective – because we are not mingled in the middle of it, but took a step back.
We’ll start to be able to question and reflect on things – instead of being caught in a never ending race of having to react quickly, quickly, quickly to every situation.
We might realize that some of our responses are not what we truly want to have as responses, but reactions we picked up from others, from our environment or that are now outdated.
We might see some patterns in our actions or thinking that we do not wish to pursue, that do not make sense to us personally- or do not make sense anymore-, that are not in alignment with our highest wishes.

And then we may be able to shift them, if we wish to, because we are aware of them.
We can become detached from some of our beliefs by realizing that they’re just stories and that maybe this particular story doesn’t fit our world view anymore, or that this story is not one we want to participate in.
We can’t change things that we’re not aware of…
[If you read my post called ‘your life as an act of storytelling’ you will understand why I believe that just shifting the stories we tell ourselves on the world is so powerful]

And this is how sitting quietly – or any other form meditation will take for you- is today a revolutionary act.

This is how being present with yourself, and getting to know yourself truly is a revolutionary act.

For yourself.
But also for the world…
…because when we change our stories of how the world is, our actions too change… and our actions, no matter how small they seem, are part of the whole story of how we’re creating the world. They are part of the bigger puzzle, and we never really know what effects they will have on the whole picture. Our actions matter! Our actions are motivated by the thoughts and beliefs [what I often call stories] we hold onto. And meditation can help us be aware of these… being aware of these can then help us re-write them if we see it necessary.
Meditation can hence change the world ?

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