February & March Photo-diary + Welcome

 Quite a few time in my life now I’ve started a blog … I even remember a few trials from when I was still in middle school [one of these trials had a nature theme I just remembered, which makes me realize that this theme has definitely been running throughout my whole life, at varying intensity]. The last five years, I’ve been somehow not-that-bad at writing online more consistently [okay, not that good neither, it was totally not a regular occurrence]. The previous incarnation of this blogging attempt – that I called GWAWR Diary – has evolved and shifted quite a bit though; moved from a server to another first, and finally transformed into my work website when I started working freelance through GWAWR Services [you can learn more about all this and the meaning behind this word here, it’d be way too long to go into these details here]. And after that, sure enough, this nudge to write – to freely share my thoughts- came back.

I had to create another container for that endeavor…  Just learning to be humans was hence born. You see, I’m someone who thinks a lot [like, A LOT]; I like to find meaning [or place meaning maybe? who knows] in/on life, I like to explore possibilities. Writing has always been one of my favorite ways to process it all [maybe writing is quite a selfish interest of mine in that light], but I also love to hence be able to share my inner world and thoughts with others. And, before all, sometimes words just seem to want to pour out of my hands [& heart] and I need to write; that’s just one of the way that I express my creativity I guess [and I truly believe we’re all creative creatures, we just express this creativity differently].

Here you’ll find creative pieces from time to time, but mostly explorations about life and musing on how we can live in harmony with the rest of the web of life – as that’s the big topic I often like to think about. I’m truly convinced that we can go toward a world that will be sustainable [even regenerative] and fair to all. [Yeah…’only’ that…]

Every two months [or more often, if I get a surge of creativity- who knows] you’ll also find here a photo-diary – as photography has been, since quite a few years now, a hobby dear to my heart, that I’d like to get back into.

So here we go for February-March [and a little bit before that…]
[a bit late I know, but better late than never, right ?]


For some background information, I’ve been backpacking a big part of last year and came back to Mauritius to ground some of the ideas I had while wandering around. I hope to soon be able to put here extracts from my travel diary from these months and all the thoughts that appeared from this adventure.

Since being back on the island [I live in Mauritius for now], I’ve gone freelance and worked toward developing spaces that facilitate connection to Nature through GWAWR Services, I’ve also been involved in environmental activism through different outlets. Mostly, these past few months have been a lot about finding what this step of my life would look back. And it takes time.




While knowing that I’m exactly where I need to be, I sometime miss backpacking and the freedom that goes with it. So I tried to ‘nest’.
I brought plants & things that make my heart sing inside – like old second hand mugs found by my grandma’ [I’ve never been the type of person that dreams of building a house and stuff – I still am not sure what I think of putting roots long-term somewhere – but most of my friends know I can just go crazy about plates and mugs. 2nd hand or artisan-made is always best though in my opinion, for all the social and environmental troubles of producing too many stuffs; so most time I just drool over the mugs and then put them back].



I’ve tried to read more books also. I’ve always loved book – as a child I would read quite a few in just a week… Now, I find that ‘I don’t really have the time’ – so I try my best to make time for that.


I still have progress to make on that side.

And I just struggled with time in general – between the projects I’m currently working on, the projects I’ve been working on in the background that will hopefully take form in the near future, and the environmental activism that is just as dear to my heart … It was already a lot to juggle with.
Add-in time for the self, the family and the friends … I must admit I was not the most present person ever.



All this sometimes meant finishing building a website at 2am, or writing mails way later than when I should be doing admin’ work…  This whole freelance thing – and everything on the side- is still very new to me, and I’m learning. While freelancing means you can make your own hours; it also means that if you don’t do it, it won’t get done … For me it also meant a big learning curve about boundaries between work and personal life. It also meant learning to slow down, to take time for myself, to be present with my friends and family. And I hope I’ll get better at all this in the future.


To be present to all the small moments of life, to slow down and notice the way things are – in  a way I think that’s why I felt the pull to grab my camera back again lately.

Tea has helped though, to slow down and be in the moment. As growing things has – you’ll actually see seeds drying on my windowsills and cuttings taking roots in glass jars. It helps me to stop for a moment. A meditation in a way.


11 (2)

…but I totally got off my meditation routine – when I thought I finally got it narrowed down. I was meditating mostly everyday; and then I couldn’t do it one day. And one day turned into two, and then into three… I’m slowly getting back into it. It’s a practice. It’s a learning curve. Learning hooping [aka hoola hoop, yeps, I would have never thought I would find it fun, but it really is] have helped to shake off the morning laziness though – hooping ! Who would have thought I would enjoy dancing around with a hoola hoop ! Big shout-out to my amazing friends who inspired me at Boom last year though – it does allow yourself to drop into a space of child-like play, and that in itself is fun.

It pushes your boundaries.
It seems like this beginning of year has been a lot about that, through many different experiences – including dance classes … You see, I’m not especially good at dancing,  but it feels good to be doing things you thought you couldn’t. To try. To try to stretch your comfort zone.


These months have been tiring… They have been about learning, and growing, and expanding, and pushing through  boundaries, and learning some more, and adapting…

This beginning of year has also been about grounding dreams into reality though, and  feeling incredible joy when I saw ideas I once kept in my head slowly ground into reality.


It has been about gratefulness: looking back to a few years ago, and all that has changed and evolved. It has been about ‘thank you’ being the only prayer I could mutter while on my meditation mat some morning…

It has also been about good time spent with friends [from good food and talks to yoga sessions, from rekindling old friendships to new instant connections], good music [from trance concerts to Kaur music in the morning], new series [and finally being able to follow one- an incredible feat for me], about breakfast with the sister on our front porch, and deeper emotional roller-coasters that I’m still unpacking… It has been so much more than all that though.
It’s this common idea that we do not often realize it, but that so much happen day after day, and that life goes by, and that you look back and only then realizing how crazy it is that so much changed.

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