#ReduceWaste – Buying 2nd Hand in Mauritius

Why buy 2nd hand ?
Every object we bring in our life has a life before it reaches us, and a life after we take it out of our life. By not throwing away items and instead trying to give them a 2nd life, we reduce the amount of objects we send to the landfills, but we also save resources.
Indeed, for every object we use, we use natural resources [think raw materials, but also the water and energy that went into producing or extracting these raw materials, as well as manufacturing and transporting the said-object]. And at the moment, we’re kind of using way too many resources, too quickly at least…
‘Earth overshoot’ day is ” the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources (fish and forests, for instance) and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year.” [as explained by https://www.overshootday.org/ ], and this day happens sooner and sooner every year… but we do have our say in all this !
Being more mindful of what we buy [‘Do I really need/want this?”] ,  buying from responsible brands and buying 2nd hands are things we can do [if we have the opportunity to do so] to reduce our impact.

How to participate in the 2nd-hand economy in Mauritius then?

Luckily, more and more local options exist if we want to buy 2nd hand in Mauritius !

+ ‘Vide Grenier Mauritius’ organize monthly ‘yard sales’/ ‘vide greniers’ around the island.

+ Videtonplacard is an online platform to sell your 2nd hand clothes or accessories in Mauritius.

+ A few facebook group to buy and sell second hands exist on many different themes – just a few searches on the platform and you should be able to find what you’re looking for !

+ 2nd hand shops or vintage shops are also -finally- popping up around the island such as Ju & Marinette for clothing, The Good Shop [ in Calebasses and Curepipe] for books, clothing items and household items or Mr.RETRO for diverse objects.
L’Ecolo, le coin zéro déchet also has a section specializing in 2nd hand clothes and toys for children.

+ A few NGOs also have 2nd hand bookstores that help fund their activities such as Friends In Hope’s ‘Au Bonheur des Livres’ or Tamarin Charity Centre‘s bookstore. Other NGOs also have 2nd hand shop in general [not just specializing in books] such as Caritas Montagne Longue that has a 2nd hand ”shop” that opens every Sunday from 9-11am at the nearby Notre Dame Catholic Church, or Amour et Espoir NGO Charity Shop in Cotteau Raffin.

+ You could also swap or borrow clothes or objects with your friends and family to renew your wardrobe or have access to objects you need without any impact on the world. You could even assist to one of D&L clothing swaps organized around the island.

+ In the same spirit, you could borrow the objects you’d need for only a short time instead of buying these, from friends or family. Such a service even opened in Beau-Bassin for some specific tools.

+For books, why not participate in the Booknest revolution and hence take and give books through the ‘booknest’ installed around the island.

+Local hotels also sometimes have big sales for the furniture they’re letting go of, which can be a way to obtain 2nd hand furniture.

+ Another way to not use resources is to take good care of the items we already own, hence lengthening their lifetime.
We can also repair our objects when they break, as we’re lucky to have people still having these repair skills on the island [on that subject you could check out Don’t Despair, Repair ]

And so much more…
I’m sure there are more of these shops/initiatives around – let’s share the word.
Do you know of any other ones that I didn’t mention here?

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