This is NOT convenient

This is NOT convenient.jpg

This is NOT convenient.
When we striked to raise awareness about the climate crisis and got shouted at by a man angrily saying ‘our efforts are useless’ instead of spending time with family – This is NOT convenient.
When I saw friends writing letters to political decision makers late at night when they had a full-time job or exams the next day – This is NOT convenient.
When citizens are pulling money together to finance awareness-raising initiatives or giving of their time to educate others about environmental affairs – This is NOT convenient.
When customers are using their voices, but also time, to discuss with leading enterprises or organizing boycott campaigns to try to stop practices that hurt our environment – This is NOT convenient.
When we are changing our daily life to use less fuel-consuming mode of transports, changing our diets and consumption habits, in order to stop over-using earth resources – This is NOT convenient.
This is not about convenience anymore. Convenience is part of what got us here.

This is about using our awareness to create new ways of doing that are respectful of the Earth ecosystems – and that, you know, enables us to survive without too much chaos and hurt.

To be honest, I’m personally not even interested in debating with you about your views on the climate crisis anymore – except if you’re truly open to sharing points of views and learning from each other; but let’s be honest, in most case you’re just interested in telling how wrongs some points of views are – because I have faith that we can agree on the very basic fact that we need clean water, pure air and healthy soil to be able to thrive on this planet.
I trust that we can agree that there’s something wrong in destroying the very forests and marine ecosystems that enables us to breathe.
I trust that we’d be able to sit together and see how we’re part of the web of life and how each aspect of our daily life depends on the rest of the earth biodiversity.
I trust that this very basic view of interdependence is enough to motivate us to come together and change our ways of doing things in order to preserve the very ecosystems that keep us alive.

Yes, refusing plastic, driving less, or writing to your political decisions makers is not convenient – but killing our environment is not very convenient neither.

I trust that, if it’s not by love of the beautiful world we live in, we’re at least left with enough survival instinct to act.
And I trust that as time goes, we’re able to create beautiful regenerative systems that are a joy to participate in; that this situation is not doom-and-gloom, but that – if we act immediately- a beautiful future is still possible.

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