A Zero Waste Bathroom in Mauritius?

Can you curate a Zero Waste Bathroom in Mauritius ?
Well, you can certainly reduce your waste, yes !


Of course – different things will work for different people, and so many brands are popping up everyday that I’m not sure I’ll be able to include them all – so do send me a message if I forgot one that you think should absolutely be part of it !

> Solid Shampoo and soaps:  [Pictured on the top right of the photography for the solid shampoo and top right for the soap].
Many local brands now offer solid shampoo and soaps PACKAGED-FREE, many of these are also vegan [many – but I don’t know if ALL of them are 100% vegan, so make sure to check this when buying a product that’s an important criteria for you], do not test on animals, are hand-made locally …

My favorite  soaps and solid shampoos are from Bruce and Peanut , available from their page or through Good Old Thyme.

EOLI also have some amazing soaps and shampoos [including shampoos for different types of hair, as well as soaps made especially for your face and the different types of issue it might be dealing with] & 100% Lokal definitely has many different great soaps to choose from ! Order from EOLI and 100% Lokal from their pages or through the shop that stock them – this will not be a comprehensive list but pretty sure Le Marchand in Curepipe stocks 100% Lokal, and L’Ecolo  in Curepipe as well as Neo Foods in Mont Choisy stock EOLI .

Actually L’Ecolo has quite a few different packaged-free locally made soaps to choose from and  KokoDezil also offers quite a few.

Feuilles Et Fleurs, an amazing local organic grower of aromatic herbs also offers a few solid shampoo options [ how awesome to know where your products come from start to finish!]

& I’m sure many other local producers and local places stock locally-made packaged-free soaps and shampoo [share your favorites !].

You can also have LamaZuna solid shampoo at La Vie Claire – a strong reference in the Zero Waste scene…I always feel that it’s even better to support local brands when we can, but when it comes to solid shampoo you really need to find the one that works for YOU – so it might be interesting to share this address too.

If you travel, you can find these really useful little packing case to travel with your favorite shampoo and soap ! Mine was found at L’Occitane.

Regarding conditioner…I personally do not use one actually as my hair adapted and do very well without it, but as I haven’t found one that is completely packaged-free, I would dare to say that Organic Care ones [ can be found in most supermarkets] might be a good ecological option [ as it’s vegan, grey-water safe, Cruelty Free, sourced from plants and come in a 100% recycled and recycleable packaging] – sure, local and packaged-free would be amazing, but for now I think it might be a good option for those who need one.

Toothbrush & toothpaste: While they weren’t even heard of a few years ago, bamboo tootbrushes are everywhere now !

My favorite one is from Brush With Bamboo [available at Good Old Thyme] because they clearly state where the bamboo come from & how it’s harvested – whole life-cycle sustainability is important ! I do not say that offer brands are not sustainable, but that I was not able to clearly access these information.

Regarding toothpaste I use Rub-A-Dub one as it’s made locally by a small business and come in a glass container that can be returned. You can also find many other brands available on the local market that strives for zero waste such as the ones from Zardin Papou or KokoDezil [ KokoDezil toothpaste do come in a packaging for now but you can refill it and this local brand put a lot of thinking into how to always make their packaging as ecological as possible].

I guess you could also ‘make your own’ as many tuto’ teach you online; just be sure to find the recipe that works well for your needs !

Regarding dental floss I bought this one while traveling 2 years ago [and it’s still going strong ] Georganics: it comes in a glass packaging [that could be refilled if you lived in a country that sells the brand] and the dental floss itself is not made from petroleum material. I haven’t found that yet in Mauritius…UPDATE: I was told Health Solutions do have Biodégradable Silk dental floss packaged in plant-based plastic … which might be the closest we have for now [as always though, let’s be careful about it being compostabe at home, in industrial facilities or only biodegradable].

Safety Razor: Got mine from Island Beauty – but you can find some in a few old shops around the island I would say.

Skincare: This will really change from one person to another -so find what works for you.

Rub-A-Dub offers some body butter bars and herbal salves for your skin needs.

Eoli on its side offers a few different packaged-free scrubs. You could even make your own scrub from leftover coffee !

100% Lokal also have nourishing bars that can replace our plastic tubes of creams.

Personally, I just use pure Shea Butter [amazing for general skin care or for nourishing your skin from cold damage. I personally found that it also helps a lot if you ever get sunburned and I use it as lip balm. You could even use it on your hair !]. This one picture is leftovers from what that I got from abroad [got it as a solid bar, that I cut and melted into up-cycled glass jars for convenient transport]. Before that, I found that l’Occitane had one that is just Shea Butter [be careful, there’s only one that is ONLY Shea Butter] that came in a little metallic tin [that you can up-cycled as storage] and that it lasted quite some time [a full-year on my side] but I haven’t yet found some locally that are completely packaged-free ! Would love to know if you know of one.

Make-up remover: You could just use some oils as make-up removers – but that will really depend on your skin type I guess?

Coconut Oil is one of the thing you could use [once again, listen to what works for YOU] and if you go in that way, you can find locally produced coconut oil that comes in glass container in Mauritius ! Yay ! Bought mine from ‘Coco Rush’  [you can return the jar afterward].

& For sure you can find many re-usable make-up removers all around the island now [for example via Creola.Crafts ] -or just make your own !

Deodorants: You can also find plastic-free deodorant locally. Once again Rub-A-Duck,  Eoli , 100% Lokal or KokoDezil offer you some options – but I’m sure many more do !

For the ones with periods: More and more plastic-free options are available from Cups [you even now find a few brands in supermarkets -showing that it really went mainstream] to Reusable Pads or Period Panties.

I’d definitely recommend LadyCup LadyPad SochGreen Mauritius for all things Cups, Reusable Pads and Period Panties.

For Locally-made reusable pads, why not check out Creloa Crafts ?

Cotton Buds: You can find more and more plastic-free [and sometime even organic] cotton buds in many supermarkets now. Just keep an eye out when you’re out there ! Usually the middle part is just not made of plastic and it comes in a cardboard box -easy swap indeed.

Update: I was told that Health Solution has organic solid deodorant in non-plastic packaging, organic coral reef-friendly sunscreen in non-plastic packaging, and organic lip balm in non-plastic packaging !

Here you go !
I surely forgot many things but here’s a starting point toward your low-waste bathroom ! What’s in your opinion a zero waste bathroom essential that I forgot?

Notes: These products are products I tried or brands I talked to/follow since quite some time. The Zero Waste scene is really going forward in Mauritius and I apologize for those I forgot to mention/am not aware of. Feel free to reach out !
Also: None of these are sponsored – I’m just sharing what I found on my journey and what helped me personally.

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