On ‘everyday abundance’

When I imagine what I want my life to look like, it smells of home-grown sage drying from the ceiling . It tastes of pasta cooked with local tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden served in a bowl of pottery made by a friend. It sounds of laughter and old tunes playing throughout the house. It looks like community gardening days and dinner with the family, it looks like deep heart-to-heart conversations with friends and quiet time to read, it looks like morning meditation, team meeting to work on heart-led projects and poetry writing. It feels like dew on my feet while I wander through a garden filled with vegetable abundance and life.
This and more -like pictures of ancient sacred sites visited on the wall of the house or some course works from a course on mythology hanging on the dinner table – but mostly that.
And pet chickens in the garden – very important.

How amazing it is to realize that often we already find bits and pieces of this life in our present day and that at the end it’s truly simple things and feelings that we’re looking for? To belong, to be present, to be happy…
How amazing is it to realize that our heart already have the map to this future – or so I’m led to believe when I look back on the last few years.
Now; onto the future – with trust and faith in the resilience of our hearts desires!

These are the reflections on Life, Wants & How ‘we truly do not need that much if we really listen to our heart’ that I have this morning while sitting in front of my meditation altar, a place that always inspire me to see how – for many of us – life already contains so much of what we want.*
Community. Peace. Passion. Purpose. Healthy Food, Water & Air…

* At the same time, there’s still much to do of course in order for all of us to access these basic rights [peace, healthy water …] & I hence believe that if we have the privilege to do something about it, it becomes our duty to do our best – through activism or through the world we create through our daily actions – to do something about it, to guarantee that these basic rights are accessible to all.
I do believe in being grateful for what we have at the same time: that this practice can truly shift our attitudes and help us recognize the values of all these ‘small things’.

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