‘’What would Love do, right here, right now ?’’

‘’What would Love do, right here, right now ?’’
Early morning thoughts and reflections born from many conversations over the last few days.

What would Love for the planet, for all its people, for all its inhabitants would look like, right here, right now?
Why have we come to believe that Love, that can be such a powerful transformative force, is something trivial, unrealistic, or cotton-candy coated?

Imagine a society where our actions are motivated by the Love of life, of the planet, of its inhabitants [including all of us humans] and not the stories of lack or separation?

Far from being ‘spiritual blah-blah’, inter-connection and interdependence is very tangible. It is very easy to see how inter-connected and interdependent with all that surrounds us we are–be it other humans, natural ecosystems or the biodiversity …
In simple examples: ever thought of all the soil micro-organisms needed to keep the soil healthy to grow food? How about trying to live a good life without clear water or air? What about how the changes in climate patterns that affect our crops? Did you ever think about all the people it took to bring to you your favorite pair of jeans- from the people taking care of the plants for the fabric, to the ones sewing them or the ones driving the trucks and planes to bring it to your favorite store?
Is it really possible to believe that life is anything but interdependence?

Wouldn’t a thriving life for all be beneficial to all ?
How is it then that standing for this, standing for Love of Life and its inhabitants, be seen as anything else that transformative, courageous and bold?
Can we really keep dismissing Love as just some ‘spiritual hippy nonsense’’? So I truly ask, not as a rhetoric questions but because I truly wanna know, what would embodying Love right here, right now, for you look like?

And if you feel so- please go and do that; because not only does this benefits the All, but I also believe that it makes us come alive.

And no, nothing of this is easy –it’s not something we’re taught, and I recognize that the conditions we found our-self in are not always the ones that facilitate this/that we all have different circumstances…but maybe we can at least start to re-think our dialogues around all this? Maybe we can at least think of the future we truly wanna create…for the Love of all?

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