‘Just learning to be humans’ is my personal thoughts and reflections on this human journey. It is also an exploration of how we can live in harmony with the rest of the web of life, as I’m convinced that we can go toward a world that will be sustainable [and even regenerative] and fair to all.

Who am I? Big question! Most know me as Victoria, Fauve is my middle name.
Since high school – and surely before – I have been asking myself  ‘Is there another way to do things? Could it be more positive for all involved? What would that look like ?’’. These questions lead me on quite an interesting journey, that lead to the creation of GWAWR services through which I intend to create spaces that facilitate re-connection to Nature.

Having always loved to write and questions, I still wanted a place where I could ponder as much as I would like and think out loud about these subjects that were dear to my heart. Hence this blog was created.

It evolved from my writings found on my former blogs, and aim to continue to explore these big questions. A playful exploration of these themes though, as I’m more and more convinced that we’re all only doing our best and learning what it means to be ‘human’.